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EMI & Interest rates for 2-wheeler loan – How to calculate?

If you are planning to purchase a 2-wheeler, you would need to consider the cost involved. While some 2-wheelers may fall within your budget, others may require financing.  To make the process of financing your 2-wheeler easy, lenders offer 2-wheeler loans that allow you to repay the cost over a period in EMIs. The EMI or Equated Monthly Installment is the amount that you pay every month to repay the loan amount along with the interest.  In this article, we will explore the tools and tips to help you calculate your 2-wheeler loan EMI and interest rates and ensure that you choose the best loan for your needs. Calculating 2-Wheeler Loan EMI EMI calculation is crucial because it helps you understand the loan amount that you can afford to pay every month. There are several factors that determine the EMI amount such as loan amount, loan tenure and the interest rate. To calculate the EMI, you can use online tools that make the process easy and hassle-free. Let’s look at some:  Online EMI ca

How to Navigate the Enrollment Process for Individual Health Insurance Plans

Health insurance comes in different types and offers coverage against the increasing costs of medical treatments. However, there are some differences between individual health plans and family health plans. Understanding how these plans work can help you decide which one is more suitable for you.   When it comes to healthcare coverage, a health plan is designed to provide financial protection to a single person against medical expenses and hospitalisation costs. This type of plan can be purchased for oneself, spouse, children, or ageing parents. The premium rates for an individual health insurance plan are determined based on various factors such as age, gender, and medical history. These plans offer more comprehensive coverage that can be customised according to the policyholder's specific needs and health conditions. Additionally, policyholders can opt for add-ons to enhance the coverage of their individual insurance plan. Some Features of Healthcare Insurance Plans for Individ